Copyright © 2011 NU LIFE It’s the overall balance that counts heartbite-products leave during their  manufacturing a very small ecolo-  gical footprint because they are  basically vegan. Ie, they contain no  animal component parts (with only  exception of TailleTelle). Because  especially the over-consumption of  animal protein is one of the main  causes for the global health and  environmental crisis. The NU LIFE philosophy heartbite products are available  through our German sister company  NU LIFE Enterprise Ltd. & Co.  Vertriebs KG, the specialist for  exclusive and effective classics and  innovations in the wellness and  lifestyle sector. Through the  synergistic combination of different  product categories and modes of  action, results can often be achieved  in days to weeks, where one usually  would have to hope for months to  years with one single method, even  at much higher cost-to-use. Example  Chi Machine: Whoever boosts his or  her blood circulation with this with  this inexpensive motion trainer,   doubles the effect of antioxidant-  containing foods like heartbite  pomegranate direct juice and / or  dark xylitol chocolate, and halves the  cost at the same time.   Under the label "heartbite - healthy  passion", delicatesse foods and  beverages are distributed with  award-winning quality and  (paten-  ted) additional health benefit.   The two literal heart opener products  are the infrared cold-pasteurized  heartbite pomegranate direct juice,  which will is heading to soon cover  lots of gastronomy locations, as well  as the dairy and sugar-free heartbite  xylitol chocolate.  Better than "organic" Regarding food resources, we are  not dogmatic, but innovative-  pragmatic. Example sugar: We are  replacing the harmful sucrose in all  products by the body's own sugar  alcohols xylitol or erythritol, which  are extracted in a complex, 20 steps,  GMP-certified process from crop  fibre. The required huge amounts of  corn could be grown GMO free, but  not organically. Whole cane sugar,  but also honey, and agave juice from  organic farming (kbA) differ in their  glycemic index only little from  conventionally grown, refined  industry sugar. An "organic sugar"  from kbA suggests a holistic health  benefit that he doesn’t have at all.  Imprint About us