Copyright © 2011 NU LIFE 100% direct juice (no concentrate, no additives). Maximal taste and nutritients  preservation through infrared-cold- pasteurization (max 72°). 1st price for innovation and quality on SIAL food exposition 2006. Test winner of 10 tested juices (taste/ price/ quality). heartbite pomegranate juice comes from the fertile  heart of Azerbaijan (west coast of the Caspian  Sea), where it is freshly harvested and directdly  bottled with latest technology. The revolutionary  infrared cold pasteurization at max. 72° C pre-  serves almost all the vital substances, as well as  color and taste of a freshly squeezed juice. The  key advantage is that the juice does not have to be  stored in a cooled shelve. Did you know, that.. pomegranate is the most popular wellness  beverage in the USA (since 2004) and has the  largest clinical evidence of all known fruits (138  studies in the last 7 years)? pomegranate juice has four times more  antioxidant than red wine or green tea?  a daily glass of pomegranate juice over a year  can raise antioxidant protection in blood by  130%? pomegranate juice especially promotes the  formation of reduced L-glutathione (most  important endogenous antioxidant), and thus  surpasses even the effect of vitamin concen-  trates? Imprint heartbite pomegranate direct juice lets golfer’s hearts beat higher The Old High German paradise fruit symbolized immortality and fertility. In no other fruit are pleasure and beneficial effect united in such harmony.”