Copyright © 2011 NU LIFE Imprint ”If there is no chocolate in heaven, I don’t want to go there.” Greta Garbo It's love at first bite: an intensely  aromatic dark chocolate from a  renowned  traditional Latvian  Chocolatier (for over 100 years in  business) who knows his craft  masterfully. The special feature of  the dark seduction: it is lactose-  free and sweetened with xylitol, a  body’s own, natural sugar alcohol  with an glycemic index of only 7.  Did you know, that... dark chocolate contains more  antioxidants than many fruits  and vege-tables? a Swiss study showed that a  daily consumption of 30 g of  dark chocolate (8 heart-bites)   leads within two weeks to a  reduction in stress hormones? bitter foods lower weight and  cholesterol levels and  stimulate digestion, but barely  occur in our diet, and that  nutrition experts sound the  alarm because of this glaring  aberration? the most distinctive ingre-dient  of cocoa, the caffeine-like  theobromine (1.2%), provo-  kes the release of endor-  phines (wellbeing hormones)? in 2005 alone the Germans   consumed the enormous  amount of an average of 90  bars of chocolate (one bar  every four days), along with  four glasses of chocolate-  spread, but that, paradoxi-  cally, the contained cocoa  (on  average about 35%) contri-  butes no health effect, as long  as milk and sugar remain the  main consti-tuents? xylitol inhibits anaerobic  bacteria and fungi (eg, the  yeast fungus candida albi-  cans), which is why no  yeast  cake rises with xylitol and  xylitol also inhibits the caries  bacterium streptococcus mu-  tans (because it can’t break  up the sugar alcohol) and thus  doesn’t produce acids? xylitol is the only sugar  replacer to form complexes  with calcium and thereby  promotes natural reminera-  lization of tooth enamel and  bone? carbohydrates are transformed into sugar and that the  pancreas needs to release  insulin, while insulin is  responsible for transferin fats  from the blood into the fat  tissue? the higher the glycemic index  (GI), the more blood sugar is  produced and weight gain is not   caused by fat, but mainly by  “bad” carbohydrates with a GI  over 50?